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To Be Known

Rebecca Chancellor Sicks —  August 29, 2014

REC photoI have been in a reflective mood lately. So today I offer up more questions than answers and some simple thoughts that, I believe, have profound meaning and may call us to think and act on a deeper level. I have been reflecting on this phrase lately: to be known. From a self-centered perspective (and I don’t mean that in a negative way), I think we all have a deep desire to be known: by God, by others, and even by ourselves. And I think we want to be known in an authentic, meaningful way… in a real way. And if each of us has such a desire, then we also have to think beyond ourselves: about what it means to know others… to know others with grace and love.

We want to be known…

  • by God
  • by others
  • by ourselves
  • at our deepest level
  • in a safe way
  • with all our gifts
  • …and all our faults

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