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Your first day at a new job is always interesting, but usually not life altering.  I had one that was.  I had just moved to Austin, Texas to start seminary.  I was 22 years old and had been hired as the Youth Director at Hope Presbyterian Church.  I went into the church office to fill out the required paperwork that first day and as I was leaving I asked the secretary for a key to the church.  She looked through all of the drawers and couldn’t find one.  “That’s fine – I don’t need it today,” I told her.  Then the Head of Staff, Pastor Fred, walked by and she asked him, “Do we have any extra keys for the church?  Robert needs one.”  Fred started searching for an extra key and when he didn’t find one – he quickly grabbed the keys to his car and said, “If you have time, we can go take care of this right now.”  Before I knew it – we were in his car going to have an extra key made.  Life altering, right?  Hold your horses – let me tell you about the conversation we had on our little voyage.


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