Setting Boundaries – “See ya!”

Josh Kerr —  June 24, 2014

Photo Mar 02, 5 54 52 PMToday happens to be my turn in the blogging rotation. It also happens to be the last day of my family vacation. We decided as a family that our we needed some time to relax together to prepare for the rush that will hit us as we move.

One important ministry skill to develop is setting boundaries. Yes, a pastor must take care of the congregation, but as a father and husband I must also take care of my family.

So, this is my post. I know there are posts to be written on General Assembly and the process of starting a new call, but I have water slides and an arcade to visit with my boy. See ya!

Josh Kerr

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Josh is pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Perry, OK and completed his seminary studies at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He is a father, husband, and hater of cliches.