Children in Worship

children in worship

We love having children present in worship. It is sometimes louder and more chaotic. Yes, there are wiggles and thumps, a toy falls to the ground and clatters, an unexpected cry breaks out. But the Holy Spirit also moves in our children and teaches all of us if we are willing to follow its lead. One of my favorite lines calls the noise of children in worship “the heartbeat of the church.” The wiggles and giggles children bring to worship are life-giving traits. So, we invite you to peruse our series about children in worship.

  1. More Than Cute Faces: Children in Worship – Rebecca
  2. Let the Children Come to Me (Oh Wait, They’re In Children’s Church) – Josh
  3. Dear Church, This Parent Needs a Push – Ben
  4. Let the Children Come to Me: Part II – Josh

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