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Brian Christopher Coulter —  April 15, 2014

BCCIn the church calendar we are now in the last week of Lent.  Lent is a season of reflection, repentance, renewal.  Lent is a season in which you take a closer look at your life and the life given for you in Jesus.  Lent is a season we all need.

And this past Sunday was Palm Sunday.  It is the last Sunday in Lent in which many churches read the story of Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem while the crowds cheered and celebrated shouting “Hosanna”.  It is a great scene, but it is a short lived scene.  Just a few days later, those same voices change their tone and change their message.  The same folks that welcomed Jesus into their lives now cast him aside and asked that he be crucified.

What happened in that week?

What switched in their minds?

What would it have been like to be there and witness the shift?

Josh  Byers put together a great resource to help us travel with Jesus through Holy Week.  So I would encourage you to do just that – walk with Jesus this week. Below is an infograph that details the event of that first Holy Week and included are the scripture passages that correlate with each event.  On the days listed, read through what took place.  On the stories with multiple accounts, read one or all to get a more vivid image of the scene.

Walk with Jesus and try to picture yourself with him each day of the week this week.  Think of yourself taking a seat at the table on Maundy Thursday.  Envision being at the trial and in the garden.  Visualize Jesus climbing to Golgotha.

Follow the days, read the stories, imagine you were there.

Walk with Jesus this Holy Week for to experience the story afresh and anew.

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