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Remember the sabbath day, and keep it holy” (Exodus 20:8, NRSV).

Keeping Sabbath has become an important part of my own life’s rhythm and one that truly sustains me for the journey… of being a pastor, of facing challenges with grace, and of life in general. There is a reason God rested after six days of creating. When Jesus went off by himself to pray, I believe it was so that he could rest in God’s presence, center himself on the Father, and be nourished spiritually so that he was ready to teach, heal, and give peace. We all need sustenance for the journey, and God will provide… if we will only receive.image2

In recent years, a lot has been written on Sabbath-keeping and reclaiming this particular commandment in our 21st century lives. I’ve attended workshops and read books about what it means to remember the Sabbath… and it can take on different forms. Setting aside one day a week is part of it, but many talk about making “Sabbath time” every day, mini-Sabbaths throughout the week. How are we spending time with God and resting in God’s presence each day?

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REC photoIs your pastor “a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand”? (According to Google just now, that’s the definition of an enigma.) I was reminded recently that some people in our culture—maybe many people—still place pastors on a pedestal: a high and lofty, out-of-reach place. Pastors may be considered holy, special, better-than-lay-people, perfect, and/or extra-close-to-God. The truth is: we are regular human beings who felt a strange and wondrous calling from God to serve other humans and teach them about God and Jesus. It’s very likely we had questions for God about that call somewhere along the way. And certainly, there is a lot of responsibility that comes when one answers positively to that call.

I remember when I learned that pastors weren’t just holy, perfect people who lived on some realm higher than the rest of us. I was in 6th grade confirmation class, and one of my pastors told us a story about a time when he had gotten into trouble as a child; the story had something to do with wearing a Superman cape and breaking something… Anyway, I remember wondering then, for the first time, what it would be like for me to be a pastor. Continue Reading…

To Be Known

Rebecca Chancellor Sicks —  August 29, 2014

REC photoI have been in a reflective mood lately. So today I offer up more questions than answers and some simple thoughts that, I believe, have profound meaning and may call us to think and act on a deeper level. I have been reflecting on this phrase lately: to be known. From a self-centered perspective (and I don’t mean that in a negative way), I think we all have a deep desire to be known: by God, by others, and even by ourselves. And I think we want to be known in an authentic, meaningful way… in a real way. And if each of us has such a desire, then we also have to think beyond ourselves: about what it means to know others… to know others with grace and love.

We want to be known…

  • by God
  • by others
  • by ourselves
  • at our deepest level
  • in a safe way
  • with all our gifts
  • …and all our faults

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